Welcome to the Sexy in 6 Program

Hello my fellow Go Girl aka. GG, It’s your transformation coach Dan here and now that you’ve completed your registration and have done the orientation it’s time to see how GG Transformation Coaching works, and what you can look forward to during your GG Coaching experience.

In the SI6 we’ll teach you what to eat, when to eat, and why. But before we do that we have to be able to navigate through each week with an open mind.

See down below…

Setting the right expectations

The secret to your GG Coaching success is setting the right expectations. A lot of times we’ll get girls who lost a number on the scale that wasn’t up to their expectations and have it ruin their day/week/month/transformation.

Manage your expectations and understand that there is more the number on the scale to measure your results.  Actually there are 4 factors to use when measuring results.

Watch the video for an explanation…

One Habit at a Time

And finally, The One habit method is a simple yet powerful method to ensure you’re not only achieving the goals you set but keeping your results for life.

It takes 42 days to start a habit, 6 months for the habit to be a part of your life and one year for the habit to become who you are as part of your own identity.

We’ll be taking things slow when integrating these habits to ensure the best long term success possible.

Here’s how it works…

What to do right now

At this point, you should have a good idea of our overall GG Coaching philosophy. Next up, grab your grocery list and buy the foods you need to get set for our program.

Next, throw away all of the junk that’s in your house so you can’t eat it 😛

Until then, remember:

We have 6 weeks together. And we’ll be going one step at a time. So there’s no rush. We know you’re eager to get going, and so are we!

But for now… Take a deep breath. Smile. We’ll take good care of you. We promise.