Our 6 Week Challenge Results Are In…

IMG_4895Wow, we just wrapped up one of the most epic 6 Week Body Transformation programs we’ve ever run at Go Girl.

One of the things we try to do at every challenge we run is make it a little bit better in our own little way.

Questions we ask ourselves after each challenge are:
– What can we do to have our girls more accountable to the program?
– How can we get even better results (nutrition/workout)
– How can we create a better overall experience with our challengers

So before this challenge we just ran we went back into the drawing board and took all of the best parts of the past 50+ transformation challenges we’ve ran over the last 8 years and totally revamped the system.

…And the results that came back were nothing short of incredible.

After 6 weeks of amazing workouts and awesome coaching we are happy to announce that we lost a total of 1140 Pounds of fat as a team!!

This is by far the BIGGEST total of weight loss we’ve ever experienced at Go Girl and we’re so proud of every girl that was part of the challenge.


Here are some of the results in our past challenge:

IMG_5033 IMG_5026 IMG_4947 IMG_4914 IMG_4911 IMG_4902 IMG_4883 IMG_4860 IMG_4801

Just want to give a big congrats to all of the girls involved in making this one of the BEST transformation programs.

And it was the best not because of the massive 1000+ pounds lost but because of the effort and camaraderie these girls showed through the entire 6 weeks.

Your coaches and GG team couldn’t be more proud of you.  Great job ladies!

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