My Twisted Story on How I Became a Female Body Transformation Specialist

Hey there, my name is Dan Go. I’m a transformation coach right now, but my life is much different than it was a decade ago.

You see, like most young people, I hung out with the wrong crowd in college. I started drinking on the weekends, smoking cigarettes and eating copious amounts of junk food like a fat slob.

I could literally finish a big bag of Ketchup potato chips in 5 minutes.

I was disgusted with myself.

I stopped being active, took on bad habits and I seriously had a bad relationship with my body. Even my family and friends would make fun of me because of my saggy body and huge belly.

It got so bad that I wouldn’t even take my shirt at the pool because I would so embarrassed about my fat belly and man boobs.

Then one day I was having fun with my friends at our local hangout spot. An ex-girlfriend (avec new boyfriend) came up to me and we started to chat.

But this was no ordinary chat. I felt as if she was trying to allude to something. Maybe it was my own insecurity but I felt as if she said this to proclaim that she made the right choice in breaking up with me.

She asked the fateful question that would change my life forever…

“Hey Dan, have you been working out? Your chest looks like it got bigger”

To which, an asshole friend proclaimed,

“He’s not working out…he’s just got man boobs!”

I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart and twisted the knife.

I had let myself go to the point where I looked like I just didn’t care about myself but deep down inside I really did care…I just didn’t know where to start.

After that day I plopped myself down on my bed and made a choice right then and there that I would do anything I could to change my body.

I was determined to change my body no matter what the cost.

To lose weight I took desperate measures.

I was so desperate to lose weight that I started doing as much cardio as I could. So I hit the treadmill for an hour each time 4 days a week.

You’d think with all that activity that I’d be melting pounds off my body…but it didn’t work.

I still stayed at the same weight and my body still looked like a lump of fat.

I joined the local gym and went 5 days a week, hoping to see some semblance of results. Can you imagine my astonishment when I started gaining weight instead of losing it??

I ended up getting BIGGER.

I started getting bulkier and couldn’t even fit into my fat clothes anymore. This was NOT what I was expecting.

I bought aerobic DVD’s and they were a joke. They were so boring that I couldn’t get through 15 minutes of exercise before quitting. They are now collecting dust somewhere in my house. No wonder NO ONE gets results with those things.

I even used an expensive ab gadget that promised me a fantastic flat belly and smaller waistline. It turned out to be a waste of money which turned out to be a nice decoration in the middle of my TV room.

In a final act of desperation, I started taking fat loss pills but all they did was give me a racing heart beat and pounding headaches.

You know what? None of it worked for me. None of it! I was at the lowest point of my life. How could I work so hard and not get anything out of it?

To Lose Weight and Get Fit I Needed to Get Smart!

I finally understood that to change my body I had to follow success.

I bought every book and studied the programs made by the best fat loss experts in the world. I spent thousands of dollars on their products and coaching. I used my own body to see if their weight loss programs did what they really claimed they would do.

Some were good and some were bad.

I never gave up. I kept on trying until I discovered the most effective fat loss tricks ever discovered. I kept researching hundreds of books until one day I found the secret to losing fat permanently off your body.

After all of the study, experiments with different workouts and diets…it all started to click for me.

I realized that it wasn’t about being super strict with yourself. You didn’t have to be a workout or diet nazi to see results. All it took was finding the right strategy for your body. That’s all you need.

After 12 weeks, I couldn’t believe it.

I had lost 37 pounds of fat and did it at such a rapid pace that people couldn’t even notice me after one month.

My body started to look FANTASTIC. I was even told that I looked 10 years younger and I could feel it.

But the transformation didn’t end there.

My social life got better, I started doing well with the opposite sex (if you know what I mean..) and it gave me a confidence inside of me that I never had before.

What is even more wacky is that the same ex-girlfriend who was making fun of me when I was fat…started to come to me for advice on how to get back in shape.

Why Train Women?

It’s very simple actually..

My mom and my sister were the biggest influences on my life. If it wasn’t for their examples they set and the motivation my mom gave me …I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I also love training women. They just listen more and carry less egos than guys do.

And that’s it.

I just a guy that used a bad experience to transform himself and, over time, I wanted to train the type of people I enjoyed training most…

… and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Talk soon,

Dan “Transormation” Go