Markham Personal Trainer Helps Nathalie Lose 25.2 Pounds and 5 Dress Sizes

Full name and occupation – Nathalie Côté, Business Consultant

Age – 39

Heaviest Weight -176.2 lbs (in March 2015)

Current Weight – 151 lbs

Total Weight Loss – 25.2 lbs of total weight loss

How many inches did you lose with our program? After two of Dan’s 6 week transformation programs programs I lost 7.4 inches overall.

How many dress sizes did you lose with our program? I went down just over 5 full dress sizes since I started the program last September.

What kind of workouts were you doing before? I was not working out on a regular basis and when I took the time to do it, I was doing cardio training only. Mainly spinning and cycling

What kind of workouts do you do now? I am doing a minimum of three Metabolic Resistance Training workouts with Dan’s gym and one cardio workout (running or spinning) per week. When I am travelling for work, I am still working out on my own.

How was your nutrition like before? I was not eating enough and I was not always choosing the right food especially when it came to snacking before diner.

I was also eating out a lot and was not always taking the time to make the best food choices.

What’s your nutrition life like now? I am taking the time to plan ahead and to make the right choices. I am tracking all my food intake to make sure eating enough of the right stuff.

What is your eating schedule like today?
1. First meal between 8:30 and 9:00am
2. Second meal between 12:30pm and 1:30pm
3. On workout days I have a little snack around 4pm
4. My last meal between 8-8:30 PM and when I am not working out I am having my last meal around 7:00pm

Why did you choose this schedule?
Because it works for me and my work/workout schedule and I can stick to it even on weekends.

What are your days like today?
I have so much more energy, I am feeling stronger and I am making time for myself.

How do you maintain the weight?
I plan, plan, plan and make time for myself!! I usually plan and cook my meals for the week on weekends.

I also look at my schedule for the week and plan my workouts.

When I work in the office, I make sure to pack my lunch, snacks and drinks the night before so I can just grab it and go in the morning. This way I am not tempted to hit the food court at lunch time.

I try to stay as active as possible during the week.

Looking back now, what are you most proud of? I finally managed to do a few pull-ups and I can do more than two push-ups in a row!!

What are the keys to your success in transforming your body? I worked really hard towards my set goals and I followed the plan and instructions closely. The support and advice I received from the amazing coaches at Go Girl Body Transformation, from Dan and from the wonderful ladies I’ve met at GG is also a huge part of my success.

What’s your advice for people struggling with transforming their body?
Be patient with yourself, don’t make excuses, follow the plan, don’t be afraid to reach out for support and sign up for one of Dan’s 6 week programs 😉