Markham Personal Trainer Helps Layal Lose 78 Pounds and Dropped 8 Dress Sizes

Layal S, Teacher


Total Weight Loss
I’m currently down 78 pounds and counting

How many dress sizes did you lose?
8 dress sizes lost

What kind of workouts were you doing before?
I was dabbling in a little bit of everything before.

I initially started off with some weight training and 40 mins of cardio 4-5x a week. When I began to see some results, I would veer of my plan, and did a little bit of Yo-Yo’ing.

I also joined the P90x craze, and saw some results, but I never stuck to anything long enough to reap in the benefits.

When I had gained weight, yet again, I thought it would be best to invest in a personal trainer. Even with the help of a professional I was not seeing the results I wanted to see, both physically and mentally.

I was putting in way too much hard work, and the results were just not measuring up.

What kind of workouts do you do now? 

I joined Go Girl Body Transformation which is a training center for women and I do the Metabolic Resistance Training classes 3/4x a week

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The girls and trainers here are so motivating and do not accept anything less than your best when you come to work out with them.

They constantly remind you to take out words like “I can’t” from your vocab and push you no matter where you are in your abilities. The thing I like most about this body transformation center is that they hit you with new moves all the time.

You are never bored, and they are constantly challenging your body and strength. It never gets old. It’s with GoGirl that I finally started to see the results I wanted. They really work on transforming who you are from the inside out.

I haven’t experienced this anywhere else. I also take part in their Strength training class 1x a week.

How was your nutrition like before?

I was a vegetarian for 8 years, and when I decided that was going to be my lifestyle, I ate what
I loved to eat most…CARBS. I did not discriminate. All carbs were good in my eyes.

When I decided it was time to do something about my health, I thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce some animal protein back into my life.

I would typically have 50% of my plate be veggies, 25% carbs, 25% protein.

I would only be consistent with how I ate months at a time. I would always go hard for a certain amount of time before I’d let loose again.

What is your nutrition life like now?
Intermittent Fasting is my way of life.

Fasting teaches you a lot about your body and when you really have to eat, as opposed to when you want to eat because of how your breaks at work flow.

I usually stay away from anything that has gluten or “processed” carbs.

I have also learned a lot about my body and how it reacts to different foods.

I typically eat at 12, 4 and sometimes at 8 on the days where I am strength training and I find I need the extra food.

My plate these days looks a lot greener than it did when I was a vegetarian. I also don’t have a hefty amount of animal protein; it’s just a personal decision. I stay away from anything processed MOST of time (we’re all human).

I find that when you begin to eat whole foods, and appreciate where your food comes from, you learn to become more satisfied with what you have, as opposed to what you may have chosen to eat in the past.

What is your eating schedule like today?
I eat three times a day.

My eating schedule is usually 12, 4,and 8.

Why did you choose this schedule?
I listened to what my body needed. Eating a full on meal at 6 am when I wake up makes me feel uncomfortable.

A 12pm breakfast is the happy medium for me.

I also appreciate that my last meal is at 8pm (eating at night time was something I always did!)

How do you maintain your current weight?
I stick to what has been working. If I have learned anything, it’s that consistency is KEY. It’s taken a while to get to where I am, and there are still many goals that I’d like to reach.

Having the ability to self-reflect to see where you have come from and to really think about what has worked and what hasn’t really helps me to keep looking forward.

Looking back now, what are you most proud of?
There have been so many ups and downs, so the fact that I have never given up is what I am most proud of. It’s so much easier, especially when you are not seeing results, to scrap your plans, and give up.

What are the keys to your success in transforming your body?
Letting everyone know what my plans were really helped me be accountable for the goals I was working towards.

Keeping a tight knit group of friends who are going to support you is also important. You don’t want to keep any negativity in your life.

I’m also speaking about self-negative talk. You need to get rid of that.

Find somewhere you enjoy working out, it should never feel like a chore.

Staying consistent is major in achieving your goals. (in your workouts/meals)

Make a plan, follow it.

Take advantage of your rest days. Recovery is important.

Know that you are human, and you’re going to make mistakes.

There are going to be days were you will probably have nachos, and cake, and beer (ooopsies) but that’s alright. You need to leave room for error. Nobody is perfect.

When you set goals for yourself, make sure they aren’t ones that are only concerned with weight loss.

Transforming your body in my opinion means more than seeing the number on the scale drop.

What’s your advice for people struggling with transforming their body?
Stay positive and don’t worry about how long it will take.

Chances are that you are not where you currently are because of bad choices you made overnight, so don’t expect overnight results. It’s just not going to happen. If you work hard enough and put in the effort and hard work, it WILL pay off.

If you half-ass something, then don’t expect to receive anything less than half-ass results.

Make sure that you are working towards goals that you have put in place for yourself, not goals that someone else has put in for you.

Trust and learn to enjoy the process!