How Christine Lost 33 Pounds and Dropped 3 Dress Sizes


Full name and occupation – Christine Cusi – Legal Worker

Age – 27

Total Weight Loss – 33 Pounds Total!

How many inches did you lose with our program? 14 inches

How many dress sizes did you lose with our program? 3

What kind of workouts were you doing before? Nothing ☹

What kind of workouts do you do now? Today I am at Go Girl Body Transformation 3-4 times a week.

We do high intensity full body circuit workouts targeting every muscle group. These workouts push me to my limits both mentally and physically; no two workouts are ever the same, Go Girl keeps my body guessing of what I will be challenging myself with next.

How was your nutrition like before? I used to eat take-out 3-4 times a week; most of my food was processed and consisted of anything plus rice or fries! I never used to read the nutrition facts and had no sense of what I was consuming and the effects it was having on my body.

What is like now? Now I make myself aware of what my food is made of and simply using that information to eat better. I have started tracking the macronutrients of what I am consuming such as fats, protein, carbs – keeping myself accountable of what I am putting in my body.

What is your eating schedule like today? I am now intermittently fasting and only usually eat twice a day. I usually eat my first meal around 1pm and have my final meal around 8 or 9pm.

After that, I fast until the next day at 1pm.

That breaks out to about 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of allowed eating each day. I do this almost every day, if I am hungry in between I can cut the cravings by snacking on veggies or drinking water or green tea.

Why did you choose this schedule? I chose this schedule because it works best with my lifestyle; I was never hungry during “breakfast” so not eating in the morning has always worked for me.

1pm is usually when I get back from my lunchtime power walks and that’s when I am finally hungry.

I can usually hold my appetite until 9 pm because my meals are hearty enough to keep me full throughout the day.

What are your days like today? Now that I have changed my eating habits and started working out, I find that I have a lot more energy and generally a much happier person.

I found that once I put myself on a consistent schedule, set a goal and achieved it I was finally happy with myself. I now find myself going for more walks, taking the stairs and constantly challenging myself to do and be better.

How do you maintain the weight loss? I maintain my weight by sticking to the schedule and my allowed meals I have set for myself; I have started keeping a journal logging all my meals, the days I workout and my weekly weight.

I found that once I write it down I keep myself accountable for what I am doing and achieving my goals for myself.

Looking back now, what are you most proud of? Looking back now I am most proud of finally setting a goal and achieving it. I trusted the process, listened to the trainers, work my butt off in every class and achieved what I set out to achieve when I joined Go Girl.

I am proud to say that Go Girl changed my life in more ways than one; they are not only a body transformation centre but also a strong support group of women like myself.

They offer me emotional, mental and physical support, they are my sisters for life and I am forever grateful to be part of such an amazing group women and one man!

What are the keys to your success in transforming your body? Going through my journal of the last 10 months, I found some key words that I found were keys to my success: Planning (meals and activities), make a commitment, set (realistic) goals, eat healthy, challenge yourself & get moving!!!

Finally, never cheat the system! When you cheat, you are only cheating yourself!

What’s your advice for people struggling with transforming their body?
1. Set goals achievable for yourself – set goals that are within your control. Declare that goal, reach it & set another!!

2. You don’t ever have to be perfect – If you ever get off track, don’t beat yourself up. You move forward and get right back in to what you set yourself to achieve! Don’t let one cookie or a few days of missed work outs sabotage your progress, you move forward and don’t look back.

3. The scale is not your friend – It is only a small indicator of this journey. You judge your weight loss based on how you feel inside and out and the choices you make for yourself and how your clothes start fitting you.

4. “Trust the process!” – I did and I have not ever looked back, trusting Dan and the Go Girl team was the pillar to my success! I am eternally grateful to all the ladies at Go Girl as each and every one of you have encouraged me, challenged me, supported me to make me as strong and happy as I am today.