How Candy Lost 50+ Pounds and Dropped 4 Dress Sizes

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Full Name: Marsha Candy Andrew

Occupation: Self Employed (Social Service Worker- child welfare).

Age: 39 years old

Total Weight lost: 51 lbs

Total Inches Lost: I lost sixteen inches

How Many Dress Sizes Have You Lost? I dropped four dress sizes.


13710564_10157174218835486_2102564794290864638_oWhat kind of workouts do you do now?
Currently I’m doing Go Girl Transformation’s Metaburn circuits which targets my core, arms, legs glutes and my back. They are intense full body workouts that gets my heart rate up and strengthen my muscles at the same time.

How was your nutrition like before?
I love food and everything associated with food. Until now, my nutrition consisted of foods high in starch, salt and saturated fats.

I loved salted meats, pastas, bagels and fried foods.

What is your nutrition life like now?

With my newly acquired knowledge of food and nutrition and seeing the passion Go Girl members have for improving their health, l am able to make healthier choices.

I incorporate nutrient dense carbohydrates with lots vegetables to help me feel full and I enjoy lean meats, fish and poultry. I drink my coffee and tea black, and I drink lots of water to keep me hydrated.

What is your daily eating routine like now?
I eat three meals daily, four to five hours apart instead of eating whenever I’m bored and believe that I am hungry.

I chose this method specifically because I have type two diabetes and this helps to balance my blood sugar.

I have a fruit between lunch and dinner.

I wake up at 5:00am (weekdays) so I can get to GG gym 6:00am.

After what can be described as an ass kicking workout, I usually have half and hour before I meet with my first client for the day. I work in excess of ten each day and strive to get to bed at 10:00pm, in an effort to get a good night sleep.

Looking back at your journey what are you most proud of?

Candy also did her very first Spartan Race with our GG community!

Candy also did her very first Spartan Race with our GG community!

Looking back, I am proud of my decision to become a member of Go Girl.

I workout at Go Girl five to six days a week.

I have a membership at a local fitness center but being able to workout with a group of positive and inspiring women, has not allowed me to walk through those doors, since January of this year.

I love Go Girl and considers it home.

What do you feel were the keys to success to transforming your body?
The key to my success in transforming my body is consistency and trusting the process of change.

Despite my busy schedule, I am able to plan and prepare meals so I can be consistent in my eating along side my workouts.

What’s your advice for people currently struggling with their body?
All things considered, I would like to advise people who are struggling with transformation to choose a place where you would feel comfortable and not intimidated.

A place dedicated to group support in and outside of the gym. In other words, choose a community.

Social support can be very motivational.

Finally, trust in the process.

There is no quick fix to transforming our bodies. It takes commitment and should be considered a lifestyle change apposed to a diet.

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