50 Killer Tips To Transform Your Body (PRINT THIS)

I’m writing you this before I head off to Kauai, Hawaii for a little conference with some business brothers.

Gotta say that I’m super stoked for this as I’ll be reuniting with a lot of old friends and hopefully learning how to finally snowboard.  I’ll be sure to share some pics when I get back but before I left I wanted to send you this..

If you are new to transformation or even getting back into it then follow these 50 tips that will set your body up for good.

Through the past 8 years we’ve been doing this and if I could make this list 100+ things I would.  These are the same tips that’s helped thousands of women just like you achieve their fat loss goals:

So yes…they work very well 😉

Transforming your body is not only a physical process but a mental and spiritual one as well.  As your body changes you change and for the better.

Here are 50 awesome tips that we send our beginner transformation girls who do our 6 week programs.  Print this out and have it in a place where you can see it often.

50 Killer Tips To Transform Your Body (PRINT THIS)

1. Choose a Body Transformation program like you choose a house. The program has to have a right fit for you.  First thing is that your coach should have a big track record of results.  That’s a given.  Secondly, and what most people forget is that there should be a good community in place to help you towards your goal.

Community and accountability are the cornerstones to your transformation.  No one is successful on their own and that goes doubly for transforming your body.

2. Make short term goals.  Whatever it is – fitting back into an old dress, losing “X” pounds in one month, losing “X” inches in a few weeks etc..  It will help you stay focused.

3. Make action goals.  Just like short term goals help, actionable progress goals help immensely.  Make a goal to come to “X” sessions a week or to prep your meals on Sunday every week for 6 weeks.  Actions are paramount to your success.

4. Make friends.  Transformation is a team game.  Nobody gets good results by being the lonely wolf.

5. True success in transformation is related to how many lessons you learn from your failings, not how many pounds you lose.  Obstacles will happen.  It’s what you do with them that matters most.  There will be times where you gain weight or do something that’s off of what your diet prescribes.  You gotta learn from it and move on.

6. Promote positive vibes.  Don’t bring your problems to the gym.  Instead use the gym to escape your problems.

7. Don’t do things fast, do it right.

Failure and success are both choices You determine which one is your outcome. #TrustTheProcess

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8. Never compare your results to others.  Everyone transforms in different ways and your journey will be entirely different the person beside you.

9. Slow is fast and fast is slow.  Don’t aim to drop 5 lbs a week but have a goal to average around 1-2 lbs of fat loss a week.  This ensures your weight loss sticks for the long term.  Do things slow and be okay with slow progress.  Don’t rush.  Be patient.

10. Stop being your own auto mechanic.  You don’t fix your own car so why do workout you create on your own?  Same can be said for when you need a lawyer.  Seek help from the specialists.  Your progress will be faster and you’ll learn so much more.

11. Focus intently on what the instructor is saying in the workouts.  When following a program on the interwebs or doing one of our follow along workouts you gotta focus.  Keep your mind concentrated on what you are doing and what your instructor is saying. A focused mind is your best weapon in fat loss.

12. Workout with women who have already achieved what you want to achieve.  Women who are a notch above your level will push you to work harder and also inspire you to reach your goals.  Most women will avoid working out with someone more fit then them.  But doing so will only make you better in the end.

13. Workout with women who are at your own level.  Just as you need women who are a step above your fitness level, you need women who are at your level as well.  You need workout friends who are dedicated to achieving the same goal as you and will hold you accountable to doing so.

14. Take someone under your wing and help them (6 weeks after you’ve started).  When you are deep in your transformation game (6 weeks or more) it’s time to help other women who are just getting started. Lessons get ingrained in you by teaching others and 6 weeks is a solid time frame to help a complete newbie. This also keeps your highly accountable to stay the course.

15. Don’t workout with serious injuries.  A few days of rest are better than 6 months rehabilitation period.

16. Take time to practice planking at home.  It’s one of the best ways to work your abs and it also helps strengthen your body from your hips to your shoulders.  Remember: Body straight, Core engaged, Butt squeezed.  Doing this regularly stabilizes your hips and shoulders and makes your core stronger.

17. Have a deep understanding with the basic exercises (Squat, Deadlift, Back Rows, Pushups, Shoulder press).  These 5 exercises will serve the basis for all other exercises you do in any program.  Learn how to do them well and how to stabilize your position in each one.  This ensures you are strong out the gate and avoiding injury at all costs.

18. Body Transformation is more of a marathon than a sprint.  The habits you take with you are the ones that keep your body transformed.  Remember that we are building habits up rather than doing things for 6 weeks and letting everything go.

You may not be able to do everything perfectly, but believing and trying will slowly get you there.

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19. 6 Weeks is a good time frame to get started.  The most energy you expend will be at the beginning of your transformation journey.  6 week programs are the “sweet spot” to start off your healthy workout and eating habits that ensure your goals a reality.

20. Remember that it takes 6 weeks to start your transformation, about 6-8 months to hit your goal and it will take another year at your transformed body to ensure your body stays at its new set point.  At the end of this journey is the continuation of the lifestyle you worked so hard to ingrain.

21. Our bodies have a set point when it comes to weight, inches and sizes of clothing.  You’ll notice that when you get to a certain weight subconsciously you will start doing things to creep it back up to its original weight.  It’s your body’s set point at work.  It’s like a thermostat that keeps the temperature where it’s at.  You gotta reset the body set point through consistently following the plan that helped you get there in the first place.

Most importantly, you gotta work through the inner subconscious issues that keep your body where it is.  If you don’t work through these then you will end up in a cycle of self sabotage (both conscious and unconscious).

22. Your inner world is more important than the outer world.  The things you say to yourself and the way you feel about yourself will largely determine if you feel “worthy” of attaining any goal.  Best way to find out if this is working is be aware of your thoughts and how you talk to yourself.  Are you your own best friend or worst enemy?

23. Your environment is stronger than your will.  The people you choose to hang around and the foods you choose to keep around you will largely influence your decisions.  So choose to hang around awesome positive people, let go of the energy vampires and keep great choices in your home and work.

24. Avoid criticism (of others and yourself) and envy.  It is always hiding somewhere inside.  The energy is depleting and it takes you off your path.  Focus on your journey and yours alone.

25. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your coaches or your accountability group.  We are all here to help and the more you ask the more you get involved in your own results.

26. Follow a regular meal schedule.  We are creatures of habit and so goes our bodies when it comes to eating.  When you put your body under a regular schedule of eating your hunger starts to get under control, your diet is under control because you know where your next meal is coming from and you take control of your choices.

27. Eat 80-90% of your foods from whole food sources.  This ensures you get more nutrient value from your foods, reduces inflammation in your body, aids in recovery, satisfies your hunger better and it makes the digestion process so much easier.

28. Your portion sizes should be:  Half your plate is vegetables, protein is the size of your palm and carbs are the size of your palm as well.

29. Eat your carbs after your workouts.  The way we do it in our program is to eat your carbs you gotta earn them.  Our workouts also ensure you get the best benefit from your carb intake as they will replenish glycogen stores and aid in the lean muscle building process.

30. Your gut health is directly related to your fat loss results (and overall health).  Healing your gut allows the body to build a stronger immune system and produce the right kind of bacteria that tells your brain that it’s okay to feel good again. The health of your gastrointestinal system is extremely important to your overall well-being.  A good place to start reading about this is Brad Pilon’s book Good Belly, Bad Belly.

31. Drink 3 litres or more of water a day.  This helps aid in the fat loss process, helps eliminate excess water, aids in digestion, increases energy, makes your skin look softer and keeps your hunger at bay.  3 litres may seem like a lot right now but when you get into the groove of doing it it is super easy.

32. A good workout schedule when you’re beginning is about 2-3x a week with one day of recovery between each workout day.  This ensures complete recovery from your workouts and allows your body to heal.  As you are more used to your workouts you can increase them to 4-5 a week.

33. Recovery is just as important as the workout itself.  Exercise or any other physical work causes changes in the body such as muscle tissue breakdown and the depletion of energy stores (muscle glycogen) as well as fluid loss.  Recovery allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues.

34. Fat Loss workouts should be done in a circuit training format.  The fastest way to fat loss is to increase metabolism.  This means doing your workouts in circuits but…

35. Keep changing your workout variables every 3-4 weeks.  Work to rest ratio’s, exercises, tempo and everything else should vary often to elicit change from the body.  A good workout program will work up to these variables in a organized manner.

36. Challenge yourself with heavier weights.  Do what your body can do under good form.  Heavier weights help build lean muscle and this means bigger gains in the fat loss department.

37. Keep your form great 95% of the time.  Form keeps your body away from injury and ensures you are getting the best “bang for buck” doing an exercise.  The 5% is for when you attempt a heavy weight as you’ll most likely sacrifice a bit of form in doing it.

38. Stop one rep before failing on an exercise 95% of the time.  This keeps your form tight and avoids the injuries that come with forced repetitions.

39. Listen to your body.  If you are doing back to back workout sessions while feeling tired and lethargic take a rest.  Do this mentally as well as physically.

40. Take BCAA’s for workouts.  Metaburn workouts are high intensity and this is the only supplement you’ll need to take.  It will helps immensely with recovery and will help you build some lean muscle in the process.

41. Remember to grip your weights HARD.  The harder the grip on a weight the more it stabilizes your shoulders.  So grip them dumbbells hard like it owes you money.

42. Aim for quality over quantity when it comes to your exercises.  Do them slow until you get them right.

43. When learning become a sponge and approach learning with a child-like naiveté.  Turn off whatever voice you have in your mind and absorb all that you’re learning.  The beginner always gets better.  The person who knows everything will stay stuck in the mud due to their own ego.

44. You have to accept that weight loss is not a straight line path.  Some weeks you’ll lose and some weeks you’ll gain.  Put less emphasis on the weight and more emphasis on inches and how your clothing feels to not get caught up with the scale.


45. Transforming your body means taking complete responsibility.  You are the one that’s in charge of your time and you are the one in charge of the choices you make in life.  We gotta stop blaming others for our lack of results and really look inside and see how *we* are affecting our bodies.  Only then we can take the steps to do something about it.

46. No excuses.  Just solutions.  Now you’ve probably heard of the term, “You can have excuses or results…but you can’t have both”.

It’s as close to the truth as you can get. We all have different situations than each other. We are all dealing with different obstacles. Some are physical, some are environmental and some are unique.

One thing you gotta realize is that, for every excuse or obstacle you face, there is a solution to overcoming it.

Most times the obstacle is the solution. We just gotta get our minds around it.

When we argue for our limitations and obstacles we get to keep them.  So every time an excuse comes up or an obstacle stands in your way do a little mental jiu jitsu and come up with a solution for getting around it.

Truth is 99% of the time it’s not about the obstacle. It’s about us.  So lean on yourself, and if you’re so lucky, lean on your coaches and community to find that solution.

47. Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest.  We gotta realize that there are things in life you have control over and things you don’t.

Things you have control over…
* Your choices
* Your thoughts
* Your attitude
* How you respond to situations
* Your time (to a certain degree)

Things you don’t have control over…
* Other people (including your family, spouse, co-workers, friends etc.)
* The weather
* Your dog
* And everything else in-between

By taking on the challenge to transform your body you’ve chosen wonderful opportunity to finally take control of your life.  And how do we do this? We take control by putting our focus on what we can control and letting go of the rest.

Ultimate power in life comes from this one principle alone.

48. The most important person in this world is you.  It’s not your kids, it’s not your spouse, it’s not your mom or dad…it’s YOU.

Remember the last time you were about to take off on a flight and the attendant says to put your own mask on before putting it on your children?  Same thing here.  Taking care of yourself FIRST is akin to putting that oxygen mask on.  You gotta take care of yourself to be able to give 100% to others.

49.  If someone has done it before then you can definitely do it.  True or false:  Chances are that someone in a similar position as you has achieved what you want to achieve.

If you give it thought then this statement absolutely true.  The thing with our weight loss success stories is that there is nothing inherently secret or special about their transformations.

They just stuck to the process and got started.  When’s your time going to begin?

50. Join a coaching program.  The best and most guaranteed way to start losing weight, dropping dress sizes and finally reaching your fitness goals is by joining a program with a track record of results.

We’ve been doing this for the past 8 years and we’ve helped thousands of women just like you transform their bodies (and lives).

Again, you wouldn’t act as your own auto mechanic nor would you be your own lawyer…so why try and figure out your transformation on your own?

Stop getting in your own way and get help by the professionals.

Your transformation will become faster and more solidified long term this way.  So stop procrastinating and get it started.

Best way to get started?

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